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Schlachtschiff Bismarck - Das wahre Gesicht eines Schiffes Teil 1.2

Volume 1.3

Seamen (men M to Z)

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Volume 1.3 of our trilogy about the crew of the Bismarck deals with the biggest section aboard the Bismarck: the seaman section which encompassed six divisions. 1.106 men of the lower listed ranks were part of that section. These men maned the ship's weapons from the big guns to the 20 mm AA cannons. Personnel of the seaman section were also in charge of weighing anchor, refuelling and the like. A big part of the sailors came aboard the Bismarck directly after their basic training. They were young men mainly of basic school and work education; some of them even aged under 18. Most of them lost their life when the Bismarck was sunk. From 1.106 men only 48 survived.

You can look forward to exciting stories of the men on board and interesting insights into their lives and duties on a battleship.

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Volume 1.1

Ship’s Command

Seamen (officers and non-commissioned officers)

Only available in German


Volume 1.2

Seaman (men A to L)

Only available in German


Volume 1.3

Seaman (men M to Z)

Only available in German


Volume 2

Administrative and Medical Personnel

Gunnery Mechanics and Pyrotechnicians

Navigation, Intelligence Personnel, Ship’s Band

Only available in German


Volume 3

Engineering Personnel

Aviation and Civilian Personnel

Fleet Staff, Fleet Observer Group, Prize Crews and Combat Correspondents

Only available in German